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First lady to attend Super Bowl in Arizona


First lady Jill Biden will attend the Super Bowl in Arizona later this month, the president announced during a fundraiser in Philadelphia on Friday.

Jill Biden, a Philadelphia native, is a devout Eagles fan and has been donning Eagles shirts recently while the team made its way to the Super Bowl

“Jill is out in California campaigning and she told me last week, ‘hope you don’t mind but I’m going to the Eagles game,’” President Biden said, referring to the Super Bowl.

The president, an Eagles fan by marriage, joked to the fundraiser that he’s not as obnoxious of a fan as the first lady is.

“Everyone here knows Philly. You are the most informed and obnoxious fans in the world,” Biden said. “I’m a Philly fan too but I’m just not as obnoxious as she is.”

“If I were not a fan of Philly sports, I’d be sleeping alone,” the president added.

The Eagles play the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 12.

The first lady attended the NFC Championship game last week to cheer on her beloved Eagles when they beat the San Francisco 49ers. She was spotted at the game sitting next to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and posted a photograph on social media at the game with her grandson.

She also went to Game 4 of the World Series in November to root for the Philadelphia Phillies. The first lady grew up in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, a Philadelphia suburb, and the president often references her allegiance to teams from the city.