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Police Track Leads in Search for Wisconsin Gun Theft Suspect


Authorities are following up on numerous tips as they search for a man suspected of stealing firearms from a Wisconsin gun store after threatening to carry out an unspecified attack and sending an anti-government manifesto to President Donald Trump.

The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Joseph Jakubowski, 32, who is accused of breaking into a gun store in Janesville, Wisconsin Tuesday night and stealing 16 high-end firearms, including two assault rifles, Fox News reported Saturday afternoon.

According to authorities, Jakubowski also has acquired a bulletproof vest and helmet.

Police discovered that Jakubowski burned his car and then disappeared after the store thefts. On Thursday, schools were closed after an associate of his reported he made a threat about a school.

Saturday, Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden reported investigators have responded to about 200 leads and are pursuing about 70 of them.

According to Fox News, Spoden said Jakubowski’s manifesto revealed disrespect for public officials and law enforcement, calling them “agents of the one percent to enslave and keep the population down.”

Wisconsin officials in Janesville told Fox News 6 in Milwaukee Friday that Jakubowski is now considered armed and dangerous, and that he’s not a stranger to the police.

However, until now, he was not especially known for being violent, but instead for traffic ticket issues. Since 2001, he has faced various charges, said Janesville Police Chief David Moore.

“There was one specific case where he tried to disarm a police officer,” Moore told Fox News 6.

Jakubowski has spent some time in prison for resisting arrest and for a drug charge. His last violent crime arrest came about 10 years ago for a charge of battery, according to his records.

After the gun shop robbery, a video that appeared to have been filmed by a friend was released, showing Jakubowski walking with his manifesto in his hand, which was addressed to the White House.

In the video, the man claiming to be Jakubowski says “alright, here we go, guys. April 4, 2017, it’s 5:43, you see my name. There you can see it’s getting shipped. Revolution! It’s time for change.”

“It’s just an overview that he feels the government and law enforcement, in particular, are acting as terrorists and enslaving the people,” Spoden told Fox News.

Justin Tolomeo, the FBI Milwaukee special agent in charge, commented that the agency has an interest in Jakubowski concerning his ideology, but is “mainly concerned with finding and apprehending him and then learning his motives, specifically.”

Friday afternoon, a SWAT team entered an abandoned house where Jakubowski had once lived, reports The Janesville Gazette, but did not find anything. They also searched a structure in the home’s back yard.